Freezing Rain Films (Ottawa)   

Freezing Rain Films is a motion picture production company in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

More than a decade ago we began as a small band of volunteers who felt they could make a better movie than some we watched on VHS or DVD via the video rental store. Over time we realized it would take much more work and professionalism than originally anticipated. We now approach productions with an 80/20 rule (80% preparation / 20% execution).

Freezing Rain Films has been involved in the production of hundreds of short films and a handful of feature films since producing it's first movie in 2007.
Moving forward we are primarily interested in working on Ottawa productions, however we are open to collaborating outside Ottawa.

If you have a production for which you are seeking collaboration, please contact Freezing Rain Films:
    production (at) freezing-rain-films (dot) ca

2017 Producing a feature film "Major Miracle and the Orb of Chaos"

The following are a selection of short film productions which have been screened in a public venue.

2016 "Trial By Ordeal"
Trial By Ordeal screened at the Spring Digi60 Filmmakers Festival in Ottawa.

2015 "Dead Men Talking"
Dead Men Talking screened at the Autumn Digi60 Filmmakers Festival in Ottawa.

2015 "Toy Box Memories"

Toy Box Memories screened at the Summer 2015 SPARTA Film Challenge.

2015 "Very Bad Dreams"

Very Bad Dreams was privately screened in Ottawa on 18 October 2015.

2015 "The Vow"
The Vow screened at the Spring Digi60 Filmmakers Festival in Ottawa.

2014 "Life's A Bitch And Then You Die"
Life's A Bitch And Then You Die was screened at the Fall 2014 Digi60 Filmmakers Festival.

2013 "P.T.S.D."
P.T.S.D. was screened at the 2013 Fall Digi60 Filmmakers Festival.

2012 "First Ladies"
First Ladies was shot in late October and was screened at the 2012 Fall Digi60 Film Festival.

2012 "!"
"!" was our Digi60 Seconds submission. It formed the third 'chapter' of three Digi60 second shorts.
You can see !, !! and !!! by visiting the Freezing Rain Films YouTube channel.

2012  "World Peace"
Within 72 hours we wrote the script, shot and edited "World Peace" to meet the requirements of a 72 Hour Film Challenge in 2012.
World Peace won First Place : Viewers Selection.

2008 "Water Ice Hail, Tue"
Tue is not short form for Tuesday . . . it is the French word for Kill. A little Canadian bilingualism in the title.  Yep, another group of people got together and died horrible deaths simply because they played with something they should not have touched. Featured one of the cast members from "Water Ice Hail" delivering and retrieving the cause of their deaths.

2007 "Water Ice Hail, the Cast Interview"

We asked each cast member to channel the character as the actor who portrayed the character.  Yes, I know, a little complicated, but it was a hilarious compilation interview after it was assembled. A real crowd pleaser, especially the part where Macho Man described the recovery process from his painful groin injury, on set, in a tent, with one of the other cast members.  Confused?  There are many fine performances in this special feature. A collector's item truly worthy of whatever price you have to pay to view it. But seriously, I've asked the behind the scenes production team to make a copy available for viewing here in the near future.

2007  "Water Ice Hail"

An award winner at the Danse Macabre International Horror Film Festival, Kingston, Ontario, which we are considering remaking with the missing character. Originally there were to be four young women on a camping trip that went horribly wrong, but one of the young women called in sick on the first day of production. We suspect it has something to do with not wanting a pile of steaming bloody pig intestines falling on her head, or maybe she really did suffer a sudden illness.